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健康的饮食: healthy diet或healthy refrigerator 健康的饮食习惯: healthy eating habit 解析:diet ['dait] n. 饮食;食物;规定饮食 vi. 节食 vt. 照规定饮食 [ 过去式dieted 过去分词dieted 现在分词dieting ] 希望对你有帮助 如有疑问 请在线交谈 祝你考上理想的学校 o(∩_∩)o

1, fresh vegetables healthier than frozen vegetables If you are referring to vegetable plots just picked fresh vegetables, this is no problem. But in fact most of us do not eat vegetables so fresh, and are usually stored for a few days old, and its vitamins

Health food (eating)/Healthy Diet

Healthy eating

Good reasonably healthy eating habits is an important aspect of health care, can make the body healthy growth and development; poor eating habits will be infected with the disease in the body's normal physiological function disorder. On the

exuberance n.茂盛, 丰富, 健康health n.健康, 身体状况卫生; 保健精力充沛, 兴旺; 繁荣(祝健康的)干杯bill of health健康证书health officer (=officer of health)卫生官员, 检疫官习惯用语 bring back to health 恢复健康 broken in health 身体

About health food

1.女性不宜喝茶的五个时期:月经来时、孕妇、临产前、生产完后、更年期.Women should not drink tea five periods: menstruation, pregnancy, before labor, production after menopause2.睡前三个小时不要吃东西. Do not eat three hours before

健康的饮食 英文:Healthy diet

Nowadays, more and more people are in poor health. If we want to keep healthy we should go on a healthy diet. First, we should have a balanced diet.Though we may not like eating vegetables, the vegetables have a lot of nutrition. They are very


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